Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Concrete Cleaning

The pressure output of our machine is set at 2000psi (pounds per square inch). This insures that no harm will be done to your concrete, such as scarring or etching the surface.

Yes. Our equipment produces hot water, which is essential in effective concrete cleaning. After all, you wouldn't wash your greasy dishes in cold water, right?!

Every home is different and unique. Therefore, we give every homeowner a customized price based on many factors such as, square footage, degree of cleaning needed, condition of surface, etc. However, we can give you a general price after a brief phone conversation.

The difference between a DIY and a professional cleaning is in the capability of the equipment and the expertise of the trained technician. Most rental power washing equipment has the same PSI (pounds per square inch) as commercial grade equipment, but the volume of water it uses is minimal. This results in projects that can take longer, and is much less effective, wasting your time and money.

Most DIYer's often don't realize that a proper and thorough cleaning is not always a result of high pressure. An untrained power washer may use a water pressure setting that is too high and too close to the surface being cleaned. This often results in a damaged surface. Avalanche Power Wash has the equipment and training to recognize the appropriate pressure and distance for each project in order to protect your concrete from damage.

Our unit carries up to 500 gallons of water. This is usually more than enough to clean the typical driveway, sidewalk, and patio. However, if we need to use the customers water source, the amount and cost is nominal.

No. We understand that you're busy, and your time is valuable. Just remember to clear the area that's being cleaned, and put away any fragile decorations.

Yes. In addition to professionally cleaning your concrete, we offer concrete sealing using high quality products.

House Washing

No. We use a “soft wash”, low pressure system to clean the exterior of your home. This is the safest and most effective way to clean your homes exterior.

Avalanche Power Wash has spent a considerable amount of time researching and exploring the products we use. We only use safe, biodegradable and effective cleaners that will not harm your landscape.

Our products rinse clean, leaving your windows streak free.